3 Wine Estates – 1 incredible trip!

Do you consider yourself to be the ultimate lover of wines? Is wine your got-to beverage of choice anywhere, anytime? Does the thought of exploring 3 of the most authentic and exclusive wine farms in Cape Town excite you? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, wine is indeed your happy place and this is the experience for you! There’s absolutely nothing more authentic to Cape Town culture than drinking wine. Just ask any Capetonian and they’ll tell you – If you want the full local Western Cape experience you have to go wine tasting, there’s no way around it! As the saying goes if you want to walk the Cape Town walk you have to master the Cape Town talk – and here we talk about WINE! And what makes this wine farm experience even more exhilarating is that you get to arrive in ultimate style – on a Helicopter of course! Here is a little more about the 3 local Cape Town wine farms you’ll be exploring:

Considered as the jewel of the Cape Winelands, Delaire Graff Estate is a world-leading destination for wine, art and hospitality in an unrivalled setting. It is widely known for its luxury and uniqueness combined with their very own distinctive blend of South African hospitality. You are therefore guaranteed to be embraced by the warm and vibey South African spirit! Designed with the discerning global traveller in mind, Delaire Graff Estate allows you to savour breathtaking, uninterrupted views of the Stellenbosch Valley while enjoying award-winning wines from their state of the art winery. In the mood for a red wine big in structure with soft tannins and elegance? Or what about a fresh crisp glass of white wine? Or perhaps an irresistible rosé or a sparkling Brut is more your style – whatever your wine desire, Delaire Graff Estate aims to please! There is definitely a reason why Delaire Graff wines rank among the most prestigious in the Southern Hemisphere, and now you get to find out for yourself!
But incredible wine isn’t the only thing Delaire Graff Estate has in store for you, here it’s all about the FULL experience! Dine at one of their flagship restaurants or revel in their rich history and artistic flare. Considered at a world-class art destination, Delaire Graff Estate offers a rare chance for art aficionados to view some of Laurence Graff’s personal art collection in an outstanding setting. This combined with their striking Cape Dutch architecture and African artefacts and styling provides for a truly authentic South African experience. You also get the opportunity to dive a little deeper into Delaire Graff Estate’s rich history, not only of the estate itself but also its owner, Laurence Graff. An avid collector of modern and contemporary art, a world leader within the diamond industry and an equally devoted philanthropist, Laurence Graff opened the doors to Delaire Graff Estate in 2009. And since it has only flourished!

“Our wines express our commitment as a family to the unique cultural treasures and land entrusted to us in the historic Lourensford Estate. We cherish this legacy and intend to preserve and protect it while in the custody of our family” – Christo Wiese (owner of Lourensford Wine Estate)
Lourensford Wine Estate embodies the true sentiment ‘from grapes to glass’ – When it comes to winemaking, they believe in minimal interference; maintaining the purest form of the grapes. It’s all about highlighting the true hero, the wine, and ensuring every single glass of wine takes its drinker on a taste adventure. Lourensford Wine Estate is easily considered as one of the world’s most beautiful wine estates. They offer their visitors a visual feast across 4 000 hectares of forest, fynbos, fruit orchards and vineyards, which rise up the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains. From their ever popular Flower Collection wines to their River Garden Classiques, Estate Range, The Dome and exclusive Limited Release wines, Lourensford is known for producing truly authentic and delightful wines.

But besides an incredible wine adventure, Lourensford Wine Estate offers its visitors a full Cape Town experience. From its off-the-beaten-track Lourensford outdoor market, to their unique Coffee Roasting Company, The Millhouse Kitchen restaurant, spectacular Art Curator Gallery (Specialising in the buying and selling of SA Old Masters), and the Vespaghetti studio where artist Frans Groenewald expresses his imaginative, tongue-in-cheek and fun interpretation of everyday life – there really is something for everyone. Lourensford Wine Estate even offers incredible Garden Tours, Clay Pigeon Adventures, trail running routes, trout fishing, mountain biking and guided hikes within the farming areas of the majestic Lourensford Estate. It really is any adventure and nature enthusiast’s paradise! Lourensford is also rooted in rich culture and tradition and has a proud history as a world class fruit farm. Being surrounded by a wealth of glorious Proteas, the national flower of South Africa, further points to their rich floral heritage. With all this on offer it really is no surprise that Lourensford Wine Estate is as popular with the public as it is with honey bees!

And last, but by no means least, is the spectacular L’Avenir Wine Estate, known for its local terroir and global flair. L’Avenir Wine Estate celebrates ddistinctly South African wines with a touch of French flair. They focus on 2 varietals which form the foundation stone of the South African wine industry – tipping their hat to the heritage of Chenin Blanc while embracing the innovation inherent in Pinotage. Thereby ensuring they offer something special for all the wine lovers out there! This elite wine estate truly has a legacy as being one of the finest boutique wine-producing estates in the world to hold its own alongside the international best. This is certainly achieved by adding that extra special local Cape Town flavor.

L’Avenir approaches winemaking with the utmost respect for the land & vines that produce the final product, they are therefore known to embrace and celebrate the entire winemaking process. This just adds and extra touch of love and passion to their wine – and believe me, you can taste it! It is here at L’Avenir where South African wine making culture is truly celebrated and perfectly combined with its elite international flair – it really is the very best of both!

So, we think it’s about time you treat yourself to a lavish and exclusive wine tasting adventure of a lifetime at 3 of the Western Cape’s finest wineries. If there ever was a dynamic wine farm trio – they would certainly be it! Time to visit, taste and explore – Are you ready to step on board your private Helicopter for the day and fully immerse yourself local wine tasting culture? Let’s do it!

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