Party Boat hire – Time to ROCK the boat!

It’s party time! Now we have your attention don’t we. You know what they say, life is a party, but according to us you haven’t quite reached the ultimate party peak until you’ve done it on a boat. So, we think it’s time you rock the boat, don’t you? Hiring a party boat is most definitely an experience of a lifetime, and one you won’t soon forget. There is no doubt that one of the best and most unique ways to see and experience Cape Town is on the water, add some of your best friends and family (only the ones that are willing to have a good time of course, you know who they are), ample drinks, a magnificent backdrop (AKA Cape Town) and it makes for one unforgettable day, or night, or both – it’s up to you! Plus, can you think of anything more exciting and exhilarating than having an entire boat available for you and your closest party-loving friends? We think not!

Besides living the absolute high life and partying like a true rock star, hiring a boat for the day offers you so much more. Not only do you get to discover, explore and experience exciting and beautiful destinations all over Cape Town, you get to do it in utter comfort and style. On board bars, decks and lounges can often be found on these party boats – all there for you to enjoy and revel in. And you get to do all that with the people of your choice, so choose wisely, remember, it’s the people that make the party!

So, what’s on offer? Want to spend a day out on the turquoise Cape Town waters with your best mates and go wild – done! Organizing an event for some of your colleagues where they can just let loose for a bit – perfect! Want a bachelorette party with a twist, or should we say a wave – we’ve got you sorted! Eagar to take a boring family reunion to new party heights – we’ve got just the boat for you! Your party boat wish is our command! Plus, is there any better place to let your hair down and have the time of your life but the beautiful, spectacular and awe-inspiring Cape Town. Definitely not! The Mother City has a certain vibe and electricity that’s almost palpable; it’s known to many, both local and international, as a party paradise that draws-in people from all corners of the globe. And now you can create your very own party right in the middle of the beautiful Cape Town waters – because there’s definitely nothing else quite like a Cape Town private boat party! But if you don’t believe us quite yet, we think you should definitely experience it for yourself!

Now all that’s left to do is live it up, party boat style! Remember, what happens on the party boat, stays on the party boat. So let’s make sure you have the time of your life!

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