Seal snorkelling in Cape Town!

Seal snorkelling in Cape Town anyone? We think absolutely YES, and so should you! This is one experience you should most definitely have one your Cape Town bucket list, no doubt about it. Seal snorkelling can easily be seen as one of the most extraordinary wildlife experiences for the adventurous. Not only do you get the incredible opportunity to dive into the beautiful Atlantic ocean and witness the magnificent nature of these incredible animals, you get to interact with them in their environment and on their terms, and these guys are known to be incredibly playful, so be ready to have some fun!

Duiker Island in Hout Bay is home to about 5 000 Cape Fur Seals and lies within the Karbonkelberg marine protected area, part of Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town. These magnificent ocean beings occur naturally on islands around the southern African coast and are found nowhere else in the world, therefore this truly is an experience of a lifetime and an absolute MUST for anyone visiting the Mother City. Cape Fur Seals are known to be incredibly graceful and playful by nature and are therefore always keen to interact with snorkelers that choose to join them in their ultimate playground, the turquoise Cape Town waters.

The only experience you need to go snorkelling with the ocean’s most playful mammals is the ability to swim confidently. So, no, you don’t have to be the world’s best swimmer, you just have to be confident and comfortable in the water and be able to swim. Snorkelers can be anywhere aged 10 and upwards, kids between the ages of 10-16 do however need to be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Remember, you are never too old to enjoy the simple, and in this case extraordinary, pleasures life has to offer, and this will truly be an experience you will remember for many years to come! And we’ve got some good news – there are no sharks present! Duiker Island is situated on the cold Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula where temperatures range between 8C -15 C, therefore it is way too cold for Great White sharks. The island is also surrounded with shallow reefs and thick kelp forests, which prevents any large sharks coming close to the island and you! Cape Fur seals are known to be most active and abundant in the heat of Cape Town’s summer, therefore December to February is a great time to do it, however snorkelling during mid-March and April offers a pretty spectacular experience in itself as the seal pups have just learnt to swim and enter the water to play – such an incredible sight!

Now all that’s left to do is get your group of adventurers together and go do something absolutely life-enriching, snorkelling with Cape Fur Seals – a wildlife adventure of a lifetime that brings you mask-to-whisker with playful and inquisitive wild animals in their natural habitat.

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