Travel, Explore, Experience, REPEAT!

They say the purpose of life is to LIVE it, to taste experience to the utmost & to reach out eagerly and without fear! And this is exactly how I choose to live my life. There is something so unbelievably magical about discovering new places, exploring new gems, filling your life with adventure – it’s something everyone deserves the chance to experience at least once in their lives. BUT, just in case they can’t I’m here to write about it. To share every little bit of the magic. To take you along every step of the way. To immerse you in my journey as if you were there. Come along for the ride, it’ll be an adventure you will never forget!

Fitness & Health is the ultimate means of EMPOWERMENT!

In addition to my love of travel I am also a Registered Biokineticist & have therefore dedicated myself to the incredible field of health and fitness! I view health & fitness as the ultimate tool of empowerment, and it is pretty incredible to see what it can help people achieve. The truth is we are ALL strong, powerful & fierce, sometimes we just need something to remind us of that. Fitness is the ultimate way – it makes you feel like a strong, unstoppable force, therefore you become a STRONG UNSTOPABLE FORCE! It’s as simple as that! I have therefore continued to use my years of knowledge & experience as a healthcare professional working in the field of health and fitness to educate, motivate & empower people throughout my journey. And what an incredible journey it is

The MAGIC of being a Freelance Writer!

The simple truth is I love writing and creating – because creating something that didn’t exist before is as close to MAGIC as you’ll ever get. Tobias Wolf once said, a TRUE piece of writing is a dangerous thing, it can CHANGE your life. And this is exactly what happened to me. I fell in love with what writing can do. How it can inspire. How it can empower. How it can change people’s perspectives. How it allows you to escape. Writing is magic and it’s the type of magic everyone should experience. Writing is my WHY. What is yours?

Website Content..

Have a website that needs fresh, unique and enriching content? Look no further! I also specialize in developing website content for your new or established site. When it comes to developing a website that will not only catch someone's attention, but KEEP it, content is EVERYTHING! This is what encourages someone to make the final decision of if they are going to stick with you or move on to something else. Make sure your content is MAGIC!

Social Media Management

In today’s day & age it is no longer enough to have a mere physical presence, you have to have an ONLINE one. Social Media has taken the world by storm & you simply cannot afford to be left behind. Having a Social Media presence will not only ensure you remain relevant, you will also be able to reach a whole new group of potential consumers that have before been out of your reach. It will give you the opportunity to share your story/brand, influence and enrich their lives and influence them in way that is positive and will benefit their lives. And I want to help you do this! I want to help other people and brands discover THEIR WHY, find their voice and share that with the rest of the world, and maybe, just maybe, change it. I truly believe that impactful content, whether written or designed, has the power to change the world, if it’s used in the right way. It has the ability to change people’s minds, to change their perspective, to educate people, to empower them, to inspire, to create awareness, to start a movement – take the recent ‘Time’s up’ movement as an example, a POWERFUL movement against sexual harassment. A movement that took both the online and real world by storm, and it all started with 1 SINGLE social media post. That is how powerful it is. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. We have the absolute privilege to be a part of this incredible movement and revolution, that is Online Marketing & Social Media, but we also have the responsibility to produce creative, valuable, inspiring and change-inflicting content that can empower people and enrich their lives. And I would love to be part of YOUR team and make that happen.

Time to take the next step..

I would love to go on this journey with you & I hope you would too! Feel free to check out some of my work or contact me anytime: