SUP Yoga on the Cape Town waters!

Introducing SUP YOGA! Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (a.k.a. SUP and Yoga) is fast becoming one of the new leading fitness practices all around the world. And it has taken the Mother City by storm – it’s unique, exciting and exhilarating, plus you get a REALLY good workout in all at the same time, who wouldn’t want to do it?! Yoga has various physical, mental and spiritual benefits that go far beyond what most people believe. But now you get to do all of that on the beautiful Cape Town Atlantic Ocean! You’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, you’ve read the posts on Facebook and you’ve even stopped and looked at the glossy magazine pages, but you’ve never been daring enough to try it for yourself. Well, this is your time! And here are all the reasons why you should:

SUP Yoga is the BEST: Yoga is known to significantly improve overall core strength. Yes ladies and gents, yoga will give you a rock solid core, but doing it on a SUP will just enhance that so much more! It further enhances your balance, endurance & overall strength. You therefore get to train your core and increase your stamina without even realizing it.

SUP Yoga creates flow; it keeps you in the present: You have no choice but to “be here now” when it comes to practicing yoga on your floating yoga mat. Unlike many forms of exercise yoga benefits your body and your mind equally. You’ll find that when you are practicing yoga, any stress that you are experiencing melts away and you will feel much calmer and more relaxed. Now imagine doing all of this while floating on the ocean – WOW, is right!

A chance to experience the beauty of the outdoors: SUP Yoga Knows You Deserve More Than a Treadmill. Nature is Mother Earth’s playground and undeniably way more exciting than the gym or the studio. This is an incredible opportunity to see the Mother City from a different vantage point. Everyone could use a change of scenery every now and then, and what better way to get that than in combination with your love of yoga?

SUP Yoga is FUN & challenging and oh so thrilling! Exercising while on holiday is extremely difficult for most, let’s be honest. But SUP Yoga allows you to do it in the very BEST way! Plus you get super cool bragging rights by being able to say you’ve actually done SUP Yogo and tick it off your bucket list! Now that’s a pretty cool achievement!

But besides that authentic and exhilarating SUP Yoga experience we’ve got ANOTHER surprise for you – Free Diving! The Mother City is known for some of the best free diving sites in the world. And now you get to explore and discover one of them. Many divers that have experienced the Cape Town waters and magnificent marine life often say – we don’t need reasons to go diving in Cape Town, we need reasons not to, the list will be much shorter. And now you get to see that for yourself!

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